Ik help je ontsnappen aan een saai 9-5-leven en doen wat je écht wilt met mijn expertise in sabbaticals, reizen en freedom mindset 🌎
Ik help je ontsnappen aan een saai 9-5-leven en doen wat je écht wilt met mijn expertise in sabbaticals, reizen en freedom mindset 🌎
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Would you like to choose your own path, enjoy travelling, take longer vacations, fulfil a big dream or start your own business? Are you unable to do so because you are stuck in your current life?

You have that good job and that nice car. Everyone is waiting for you to buy that big house, but deep down you would much rather spend six months surfing in Hawaii or backpacking in Asia, just to get away from it all. You want a different life so badly, but it just seems impossible because of your fixed costs and your responsibilities. Perhaps you are thinking of being an entrepreneur or working abroad? You also don't know how to deal with the opinions of your family, friends and the pressure from society regarding whether you are a success.

You should be happy with your life now, right? Everything should be great?! No? So… just how do you get out of here? Where do you start? You keep getting stuck.

I recognise your struggle! I also had this for over 10 years. I didn't know it either and I just kept going, trying my best, having success… but it was exhausting. After every holiday it took me weeks to get back into the work rhythm and I felt down. I asked myself, is this it? Do I want to live like this?


    Your reality now:

    You like to choose your own path and you probably hear more often that you can achieve anything you want. But you are stuck in the life that you thought would make you happy. You know that this life is actually based on what your parents and society thought was best for you.

    You want to follow your heart and make your dreams come true, but is it really possible? You doubt it and feel all that pressure on you. You've taken on so many responsibilities and it seems like they can't do anything without you, because you'll take care of it!

    You often lie in your bed at night worrying and you just don't know how to proceed. During the day you try hard and once you get through the Monday morning at work, it's not that bad. Is it? The weekend is always too short, just like your vacations.

    You try to do things differently, and you blindly stare at a solution that doesn't seem to exist in your current way of life. Before you know it you will be bogged down in the rut and bustle of your day. You push your desires away and carry on. You don't have time to discover what you really want or you get blocked every time you try. You want to feel free, travel, adventure and a life with more meaning.

    The people around you, who you dare to tell about how you feel, criticise you: “You are a dreamer, such a life doesn’t exist! We all have to work for a living.” They also say to you:

    • “Why all the hassle and discontent?”
    • “Everything is all right, isn't it?”
    • “Everyone is unhappy with their life sometimes”

    But you know, the situation is different, you are structurally not happy. You feel bored and stressed. Nobody seems to get it. You hide it well by keeping yourself busy, blasting at work and doing fun things. But this remains a plaster on the wound that does not heal. 

    In short:

    • You're living a life that's not yours
    • You bury your desire because you don't think it's possible.
    • You climb the career ladder, but not yours.
    • You lie awake at night doubting your life and the future.
    • You drag yourself to work and get through the day feeling busy and stressed.
    • You do a lot of nice things to forget about your problem, sometimes you even go over the top.
    • That “meh” feeling or “is this all?” remains, it is always lurking.
    • You never really feel fulfilled and satisfied with your life.
    • Being meaningless in the hustle and bustle, with no prospect of improvement, is how your life seems.


    It's not surprising that you feel that way. It's actually quite normal. Believe me, I've had this myself and I know many people in my environment who have all had the same questions. However, they couldn't figure it out on their own which led to:

    • sleeping problems,
    • depression,
    • bore-out, or even a burnout.

    In our environment there are certain norms & values ​​in the field of career, family life and finances. As a result, we tend to create a life that actually does not suit us at all. We want to belong somewhere and feel successful. This will get you stuck and this makes the step to get out of the rat race so difficult! Can you relate?

    All I can say to you is “Life is short!” You're going to regret it later if you don't take action now to live your own life. You can always earn money in life, but you can never get lost time back.

    Instead would you rather live like this?

    • Every morning you rise feeling happy about the day ahead.
    • You do what you want, when and with whomever you want.
    • You have plenty of time to travel, and do things you have a passion for.
    • You have your own business, are fulfilling your dreams or you have a job with a lot of freedom to work the way you want.
    • Your life is a big adventure with purpose.
    • You are confident about your choices.
    • People admire you for your guts to do things differently.


    Who am I?

    Hi, I'm Birgit Yegülalp and I have faced many tough situations since I was 15 both in work and privately. From an early age I was very responsible and when I was 17 I already moved out to study at the university while I really wanted a “gap year”, I was still so young.

    My parents didn't like this, just like simpler and a more fun study wasn't good enough. Becoming a flight attendant to see the world was also out of the question after completing my bachelors degree. I had to have a good job and make a career.

    The urge to travel, the adventure and the feeling of being locked up was always there. I did what was expected of me and graduated twice, had good jobs and many promotions.

    I followed all kinds of training, courses, read books, had many hobbies in addition to my full-time job. All this to get that sense of purpose. Onlu I never succeeded because I worked very hard in a corporate job in Amsterdam. I went on holiday as often as I could, but that took my 25 days off, which meant that I had to work very hard for the rest of the year with all the stress that came with it.


    My turning point

    Early 2016 my father passed away at the age of 31. My glorious career growth stopped abruptly. Two years later I was at Amsterdam airport and I went on a sabbatical to Australia. I also obtained my diploma as a Scuba Instructor during that trip.

    After that I lived in Greece for 2 years and worked as a Scuba Instructor. Through teaching and my constant drive for self-development, I felt that I wanted to teach people something. I wanted to help them overcome their fear and let them amaze themselves. So I decided to enrol in the life coaching course and I flew through it.

    Since March 2020 I have my own business helping other millennials to follow their hearts & escape a boring 9-5 life.


    About this program

    This VIP 1-on-1 program “Start before you are Ready” is hands-on, with a touch of spirituality and a lot of self-development.

    How does this program work and the content of the program:

    • We start on a start date set we set together. The program is 10 weeks with 1 module per week to work through. There are 7 live sessions via Zoom off about an hour where explanation is given, we make assignments together and you can ask questions. You will also receive weekly assignments, videos and personal encouragement from me via Whatsapp messenger. (worth €1279,-)
    • After payment you immediately have an interactive workbook with space for notes for the live sessions and links to bonus material such as podcasts (worth €49). We start the program during the first zoom session. You will receive the first announcements and the link for the Zoom sessions from me via Whatsapp.
    • I am also available for you during these 10 weeks on weekdays for questions via Whatsapp. (worth €197,-)
    • When you buy this training you get a bonus: 1 year access to my video course in English: Calling on Your Bullshit. (worth €29,-)

    What do you get from this program?

    I help you to ignore the pressures of society and do what you really want deep in your heart. You will learn my effective way of dealing with the uncertainties and fears that come with this.

    In addition, I help you with setting goals, taking action and the right habits and mindset that you need to actually follow your heart! You will receive action-oriented assignments and implement them directly in your current life. That's how you get results. I also have the skillset to keep you sharp and motivated during these 10 weeks.

    So whether you want to travel, live or work abroad or start your own business, it will happen! In these 10 weeks you will have clarity about what you want, how you can achieve this and you have already started.

    The transformation you will go through will be enormous. You will be able to make decisions about your life that you never thought you would dare to make!

    The new you:

    • Has concrete goals and an action plan that lead to the life you really want.
    • Has deadlines to meet these goals.
    • Feels confident about her choices and is much better at explaining them to others when needed.
    • Can cope better with pressure from society, from friends and family.
    • Comes to see that people accept your choices.
    • Doesn't lie awake in the night anymore! 
    • Immediately has a nicer life than before the start this program.
    • Has transformed into that brave person who goes for what she wants!


    The total value of this program is €1552,- and you get this for only €1197,- including VAT.

    Would you first like to talk in person to ask me your questions? Book your 30-minute discovery call here.

    Terms of Business

    When buying this training you are agreeing to my terms of business which you can find here